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Soft & Fresh Cheeses

Feta Cheese is a cured cheese that is briefly pickled in whey brine, two months at most. This brining produces a tangy taste and aroma. Feta Cheese is traditionally made with goat’s or sheep’s milk—in the U.S., cow’s milk varieties are quite common.

Feta Cheese has a higher water content than other cheeses, making it a low-calorie cheese option. It can dry out quickly (even when refrigerated), so be sure to store airtight once opened.

Stella<sup>®</sup> Mt. Olympus Feta Cheese <img alt="" width="65" height="50" src="" />

Stella® Mt. Olympus Feta Cheese

A Cow’s Milk Feta Cheese

This domestic version of Feta Cheese is uniquely made with cow’s milk, and delivers on all the salty, flavorful tang sought in this traditionally goat’s or sheep’s milk fresh cheese. The aroma of Stella® Mt. Olympus Feta Cheese is briny and the texture is firm and crumbly. 

Type of Milk: Cow’s Milk
Region of Origin: Wisconsin, United States
Formats: Blocks, Pail, Crumbles

Additonal Brands from Saputo

The following brands also have Soft & Fresh products available. For more information, contact your Saputo sales representative.