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Cream always rises to the top!  And our cream makes everyday experiences extraordinary.  Whether you are creaming coffee, making a cream sauce, whipping cream for a topping, or incorporating cream as an ingredient, Saputo offers a broad assortment of products in several packaging formats to meet your need and elevate your consumer’s experience

Whipping Cream is an essential ingredient in savory dishes and an indulgent addition to desserts. 36% Heavy Whipping Cream is a versatile cream that whips denser and reduces well for applications across the menu.  40% Heavy Whipping Cream creates rich soups and sauces, as it whips and reduces well with limited separation and extended hold time.

With the fresh flavor of real dairy, Half & Half is a preferred coffee whitener and so much more.  With ingredient applications in soup and sauces, half & half has a place on the coffee bar and in the kitchen.  Looking for some extra mouthfeel, step up to light cream.

Saputo offers a broad assortment of coffee creamers to ensure your customers can customize their beverage just the way they like.  Available in a shelf-stable (no refrigeration needed), portion control format, Saputo creamers will deliver the variety and convenience that you and your guests are seeking.