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Desserts and Toppings

Ice Cream Mix:

Be known for your ice cream.  

With DairyStar® Ice Cream Mix at the center of your dessert program, you’re well on your way to surprise and delight, because there’s something special about ice cream. It’s what turns dessert into an event, and operations into destinations.

In fact, when it comes to restaurant choice, soft serve is one of the most influential menu items you can offer.*

Utilizing the latest technologies, our ice cream mixes work well in any operation. Simply pour into your soft serve or shake machine. No mixing or measuring needed. And, because they’re made from real dairy, they’re consistently creamy and sweet, ensuring the level of deliciousness your customers expect.


  • All products are ultra-pasteurized to ensure food safety and extend shelf life.
  • Longer shelf life reduces spoilage and decreases waste.
  • Production systems minimize off flavors from high-temp processing.

Product Attributes

  • Made from only the freshest, highest quality ingredients.
  • Made for high performance in all soft serve and shake equipment.
  • Available in chocolate and vanilla, in a variety of fat levels.

Make your place the place for dessert with DairyStar® Ice Cream Mix.

* NPD Crest, 2012



Take delight over the top.  Consumers and chefs agree: DairyStar™ Whipped Toppings—made with quality ingredients like real dairy and vanilla—are creamy, sweet and downright delicious. With whipped cream indulgences and coffee frappe beverages growing in popularity,1 our toppings are the perfect addition to your breakfasts, drinks and desserts.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Real Dairy. Preferred by operators, chefs and consumers for its rich, creamy flavor, our unique formula is made with real cream, not oil.
  • Performance. DairyStar Whipped Toppings maintain their shape in hot and cold applications and provide 100% product yield when dispensed properly.
  • Market leading nozzle, reduces splatter and improves the visual appearance of the cream ribbon.
  • Convenience. Without the thawing, measuring, mixing and whipping, DairyStar Whipped Toppings are the simplest way to top off treats—just shake and serve.
  • Popularity. Drinks made with DairyStar Whipped Toppings appeal to younge coffee drinkers who are much more likely to prefer sweetened drinks to coffee alone.
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  • Mintel Oxygen: Cof fee-US-September 2010