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Aseptic Milks

Serve goodness by the glassful

Single-serve DairyStar® Milk is a nutritious choice for on the go snacking for everyone in the family!

DairyStar<span><sup>®</sup></span> Aseptic Milks

DairyStar® Aseptic Milks

Star Qualities

Key Features & Benefits

  • Quality: Carefully processed to maintain fresh and pure flavor.
  • Reduced packaging & product waste: Aseptically packaged to provide extensive (1 year) shelf life.
  • Trusted Nutrition: With essential nutrients, including protein, calcium and Vitamins A & D, DairyStar® milks are not only nutritious, but deliver a great taste that kids - and adults - love!

Available in these great varieties:

  • 1% DairyStar® Milk
  • 1% DairyStar® Chocolate Milk

*Product can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated.

Our 5-Star Promise

All DairyStar® products live up to our 5-Star Standards for quality ingredients, exceptional taste, versatility, performance, & support.