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Food Manufacturers

Exceptional cheeses for food manufacturing

At Saputo, we’re committed to helping advance your food production and manufacturing with the right cheese products—by offering an exceptional level of service to meet your unique manufacturing requirements.

Count on us for consistent product quality, freshness and supply to meet your needs—and gain important product benefits to improve your operational efficiency and keep you competitive.

Cheeses rich with flavor, texture, aroma and performance.

add alt text hereAll of our branded domestic cheese products are available for food manufacturing—each offering delicious taste, texture, aroma and exceptional culinary performance to complement and enhance other food ingredients.

Have confidence knowing you can order any of our fine Specialty Cheeses, prepared to your custom specifications.

Frozen pizza and pasta benefits
Enjoy rich flavor and performance through freezing, thawing and cooking our quality cheese products.

Salad dressing benefits
The robust, standout flavor of our select cheeses has made us a leading supplier to salad dressing manufacturers—many of whom rely on our Specialty Cheese varieties to bring desirable flavor and texture to salad dressings, while the particulates of our cheeses bring notable visual appeal and quality.

Bakery benefits
Saputo offers distinctive aged Hard Cheeses and Pressed Cheeses that are exceptional for specialty breads in all channels. From refined traditional flavors to specialty flavors, our portfolio of cheeses adds an enticing dimension and provides added value to your bakery offerings.

Passion for product innovation.
As a food manufacturer client, you receive heritage cheeses true to authentic cheese recipes—from a company on the cutting edge of product innovation. Saputo has vast resources invested in the science of cheesemaking and accompanying technology to bring you new products and varieties that meet new cheese performance attributes—as well as changing customer demands.

Delivering confidence.
Upholding high safety standards at each facility is engrained in our employee culture and at the heart of every manufacturing process, giving you complete confidence in trusting Saputo for your cheese supply. Saputo has the ability to ship products in distinctive bright blue packaging, ensuring integrity of the product as it moves from storage to manufacturing to your operation.

Legendary customer service.

At Saputo, we recognize quality service is one of your top priorities. We work closely with our food manufacturer partners to build a strong relationship based on exceptional service and trust.

A select group of Saputo sales representatives focuses exclusively on servicing our food manufacturer clients. The team is experienced in working with various backgrounds, including food science, procurement, logistics and plant management, enabling them to understand your unique food processing demands and challenges.

To learn more about Saputo and how we can partner with your business, contact your Saputo sales representative for assistance.