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Sour Cream

Experience the flexibility of our Sour Cream. Saputo has a wide assortment of product varieties that can complement your ingredients and allow you to create dishes across every day part. Our Sour Cream can assist you to create rich, delicious flavors that add versatility and value to your menu.

Whether your recipes demand superior hold, a cleaner label, or reduced fat, Saputo has the right product for your needs.

Product variations include:

  • All-Natural Sour Cream: Made with simple ingredients for consumers seeking more natural options in their food choices.
  • Heavy Sour Cream: Mildly flavored with a sweet, butter taste. Works exceptionally well in maintaining body in hot and cold applications.
  • Sour Cream Select: This reduced fat sour cream performs as good as higher fat varieties but at a better value.
  • Regular Sour Cream: Our sour cream is specifically designed for food service to resist separation across a wide variety of applications.