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Goat Milk Cheeses

Goat Cheese, or Chèvre (which is goat in French), has been crafted for centuries and is a staple in diets around the world. Goat’s milk has a larger proportion of fatty acids than cow’s milk, creating its distinctive tangy taste and smell. This creamy, white cheese comes in many shapes and textures, and melts beautifully.

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Smooth and Creamy Texture

Crafted with respect for traditional French cheesemaking techniques on sustainable farms, Montchevre® Goat Cheeses are made with the highest-quality ingredients to gain the smooth and creamy texture they’re known for, and are backed by a commitment to animal welfare.

Type of Milk: Goat’s Milk
Region of Origin: United States
Formats: Crumbled, Log, Bulk, Chunk