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Provolone Cheeses

Sharper and tangier than Mozzarella Cheese, Provolone Cheese has a bold flavor and is versatile in foodservice kitchens. Its firm texture, clean slicing and consistent performance makes Provolone Cheese a favorite cheese from sandwich shops to bistros.

Stella<sup>®</sup> Provolone Cheese <img alt="" width="65" height="50" src="/-/media/ecosystem/divisions/scusa/sites/food-services/food-services-images/brand-logos/stella-logo_medium-small_-62x50.ashx?revision=b05da983-9276-4886-ab33-dabf4fe94a9b" />

Stella® Provolone Cheese

An Extraordinary Classic

This classic Italian-style Provolone Cheese has authentic flavor that is a result of the Old World craftsmanship and rich dairy heritage of the Stella® Brand. Stella® Provolone Cheese is a mildly piquant cheese that slices smoothly and melts to perfection.

Type of Milk: Cow’s Milk 
Region of Origin: United States
Formats: Loaves, Slices, Shredded 
Gardenia<sup>®</sup> Provolone Cheese <img alt="" width="138" height="40" src="/-/media/ecosystem/divisions/scusa/sites/food-services/food-services-images/brand-logos/gardenia-logo_medium_137x40.ashx?revision=a656c4ad-e79c-4370-b488-7363bf9e2d6d" />

Gardenia® Provolone Cheese

Assertive and Tangy Flavor

This California-made Provolone Cheese has a firm texture and distinct, sharp flavor. The sharp notes complement a wide range of ingredients, whether served fresh or prepared melted. 

Type of Milk: Cow’s Milk 
Region of Origin: California, United States
Formats: Loaves