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Premium Mozzarella Cheeses

Saputo® Premium Gold Mozzarella Cheese is the gold-standard product for pizzeria establishments across the United States. Proud operations ranging from family-owned establishments to bustling chain concepts demand this exceptional cheese as a prominent point of differentiation when menuing pizza. Saputo® Premium Gold Mozzarella Cheese is an investment that delivers approval from discerning customers, nurturing the most important marketing of all: word-of-mouth reputation.

Generations of expert cheesemakers have perfected Saputo® Premium Gold Mozzarella Cheese to offer restaurateurs a product of truly unique taste and unequaled performance. This high-quality, low-moisture Mozzarella Cheese provides outstanding stretch and uniform melt when heated. It has a full, buttery flavor, consistent in every pound produced, plus a smooth, moist texture for superior melting and shredding, and less burning and oiling, under heat.

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Saputo® Premium Gold Mozzarella Cheese

For Pizza Makers Who Demand High Performance

This extraordinary product is the flagship of our cheesemaking artistry and bears the heritage of our Saputo name. Saputo® Premium Gold Mozzarella Cheese offers you always-consistent buttery flavor with exceptional stretch and impeccable coverage, plus excellent holding and reheating performance that can improve your kitchen efficiency. This premium Mozzarella Cheese cooks perfectly, with a non-oiling finish. 

Saputo® Premium Gold Mozzarella Cheese carries the Wisconsin Cheese logo. Available in Whole Milk and Part Skim varieties, including various blends. 

Type of Milk: Cow’s Milk 
Region of Origin: Wisconsin, United States
Formats: Loaves, Diced, Shredded