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Traditional Mozzarella Cheeses

The Saputo Mozzarella Cheese Blends are a convenient back-of-house secret. With over 20 different varieties available exclusive to foodservice operations— each with a quality Mozzarella Cheese base—these blends are perfect for defining the signature cheese for your pizza menu. Each blend offers not only a unique flavor, but also differing results for melting and browning.

Alto<sup>®</sup> Mozzarella Cheese Blend<img alt="" width="97" height="60" src="" />

Alto® Mozzarella Cheese Blend

Distinctive Blends for Menu Creativity

Operators trust and rely on the convenience and distinct flavor of Alto® Mozzarella Cheese Blends. Created by cheesemakers with a Mozzarella Cheese base, and available in over 20 diced or shredded cheese varieties, these conveniently prepared cheese blends can be used as is or easily blended with other classically crafted cheeses to add signature flavor to your menu.

Type of Milk: Cow’s Milk 
Region of Origin: Wisconsin, United States
Formats: Diced, Shredded